The Best Bohemian Dresses of 2020

Now that 2020 is in full swing – and so is the turn of the decade – the need to overhaul our wardrobes with the decade's latest trends is finally here!

This year, you simply need versatile fashion, pieces that can give you the longest wear and that have the most impact on your closet. You know those pieces, the ones that you’ll wear over-and-over again because they tick all the right boxes.

That’s where the boho dress makes a bold entrance! Giving you versatility and understated beauty the boho dress is making a comeback for all the right reasons.

In fact, the best bohemian dresses (or bohemian-inspired dresses) are the ones that are an entire ensemble, requiring very few pieces to complete the look.

This year at Wanderlust Vibe Tribe, we’re kicking off the turn of the decade by listing our favourite bohemian dresses for you to buy. These are the dresses that are the most trendy but also tick the right boxes. What are those boxes, you ask? Well, before we get into our list of the decade’s favourites, here’s our quick guide to help you determine whether a bohemian dress is the right one for you.


The 3 Boxes A Dress Should Tick Before You Buy It

Who doesn't love shopping online?

At some point or another, we’re all guilty of wanting to avoid the hoards at the mall, face an ex, or get out of bed to do our shopping. Now and then you may even have a case of the midnight shopping binge - spurred on by having nothing to do and recently receiving your pay cheque. We’re all guilty of these splurges. However, when you finally receive the items it's usually not as big of a rush as purchasing them. Unless you know what you’re looking for.

Often, with bohemian dresses, the allure of the dress is so captivating that you instantly want to buy it. But, before you click "check out", be sure you’re buying the right bohemian dress.

Here are three quick ways to determine if a dress is right for you:

1. The Right Style For Your Figure/ Lifestyle

As a boho babe chances are you’re already in love with everything bohemian which includes the classic boho dress. But, that classic boho dress that’s been filling your Pinterest or Instagram feed, may not be the right boho dress for you. So, if you’re going to be updating your wardrobe you’ll need a bohemian dress that’s going to look as appealing on you as it does in the picture. A dress that’s made for your body shape and lifestyle.

Everyone has their own body shape, no two bodies are exactly the same. For that reason, when you are searching try to find styles that are most flattering to your figure. If you have areas of your body that isn’t the most “flattering” try to find a dress that doesn’t place as much focus on those parts, and if you’ve got areas that you love, find a dress that accentuates those parts.

Unfortunately, models don’t look like most women, but, if you already know the style of dress that flatters you try to find a similar dress but this time in it’s boho variant. If you’re uncertain, however, you could always buy a few of our incredibly affordable dresses to see what suits you.

At Wanderlust Vibe Tribe we are proud to offer boho plus size dresses to help flatter every figure.

Plus Size Boho Dresses

2. Complements Your Skin’s Undertones

If you’ve ever wondered why you get compliments when wearing a specific outfit or colour, it has less to do with it “suiting” you and more to do with your skin’s undertones. The undertone is the underlying colour of your skin tone and is divided into warm, cool and neutral tones. Depending on your specific undertone you’ll want to find colours that complement it.

  • Warm undertone: choose coral, cream, olive etc.
  • Cool undertone: choose blue, lavender, rose etc.
  • Neutral undertone: choose royal blue, red, white, etc.

If you find the perfect dress and you’re wondering what colour to get it in, choose a colour that perfectly complements your skin’s undertones!

These are the colours you’ll get the most compliments in, and the colours that will have everyone gushing about how radiant you look!

3. The Perfect Length For All Occasions

When you’re tempted to purchase a dress you’ll often convince yourself you’ll wear it. You’ll say things like “I’ve been looking for something like this” or “I'll wear this to Jenna’s wedding” to justify the price. The only problem is Jenna’s getting married in a year, and you’ve already got several pieces similar to the one you’re “dying to have”.

Boho Knee Length Dress

Thankfully, with our range of affordable boho dresses, you won’t have to justify the price.

Still, there’s no need to add clothing to your wardrobe unless you plan to wear it. Therefore, when you’re thinking about whether or not to buy any dress, not just boho dresses, think about the length of the dress and whether it’s the right length for the activity or occasion. Will you really wear that mini dress to work? Will, you really wear that dress with the thigh-high slit on a picnic date, or will it hinder you from enjoying your picnic?

When you’re thinking about what dress to purchase always think about the activity you’ll be doing when wearing the dress and whether you’ll feel comfortable doing that activity.

We have a range of dresses to suit every occasion from casual to formal and we always have comfort front of mind.


Boho White Cotton Dress
Boho Maxi Dress