Your Go-To Guide For Buying Matching Bracelets

Matching bracelets have always been popular, but they’re becoming far more common thanks to a great selection of bracelets being offered online. Now you can browse bracelets based on colour, design and style.

Purchasing Matching Bracelets Online

It used to be you were limited to what a local store had to offer, and those designs were usually outdated and the selection inadequate. More often than not they wouldn't have what you wanted. The selection either only had couples bracelets or friendship bracelets but no mom and daughter bracelet, or a set of bracelets you could share with three of your closest friends.


Generally, online stores would sell those same dated, basic bracelets that weren’t representative of your personality or style. All they were was a way to show you’ve made a strong connection with someone - that’s it. Sometimes these outdated bracelets would even hurt your outfit and personal style, but because that someone special meant so much you’d wear them anyway.

Thankfully this has changed. Now matching bracelets are back in style and you’re faced with a new challenge - finding the right type of matching bracelet.


Four Tips For Buying The Right Matching Bracelets

While a greater selection of matching bracelets is good news as it allows you to be creative about designs it can also make it difficult to choose the right bracelet. Therefore, to make it easier for you we’ve highlighted 3 tips that can help you find the right bracelet for any person in your life.


Tip #1: Choose A Bracelet With Significance

This is going to be a bracelet that is a sign of your friendship and bond. The bracelet should have some significance to both you and the person/people you’re purchasing the bracelets for. The more thought you put into the meaning behind the bracelet the more your friends will appreciate it. However, your bracelet doesn’t have to have a particular meaning it can simply capture the style and essence of the people who’ll be wearing it. For example, our lovely traveller's bracelet captures both whimsy and adventure and make a perfect option for a matching bracelet with friends who share your love for travel.

Traveler Charm Bracelet


Tip #2: Choose Bracelets That Can Be Layered

Layering bracelets is quite stylish at the moment. This trend lends itself to the matching bracelet trend as well as allowing you to maintain your individuality. Therefore, when you’re browsing online, you should stick to a simple design that can easily be layered and worn in various styles. This means the colour and design of the bracelet shouldn’t be overwhelming, but just unique and artistic enough to make it part of a matching bracelet set. Because common bracelets won’t work as matching bracelets considering it'll be hard to tell that there’s any significance in the bracelet.


 Tip #3: Envision Yourself and Your Friends Wearing It

The biggest limitation about buying bracelets online is that you can’t try them on. Not to worry, by simply envisioning yourself and your friends wearing the bracelet it should be easy to find one that’s just right. Before you check out think about whether the bracelet fit your friend’s and your own style - or is it versatile enough to complement both of you? What about your tastes, do you prefer something more elegant — perhaps gold or silver jewellery — or something more rustic like leather or beads?

You can think about the pieces your friends already own to determine whether the matching bracelet will be something they’ll continue to wear, and can easily layer with jewellery they already own.


Tip #4: Create Your Own Set

Couples and friendship bracelets have always been sold in sets of two, but with matching bracelets the idea is that you can purchase any bracelet, and purchase it in multiples so you create a set. This makes the bracelets versatile and allows you to create themes and share them with a larger group of friends and loved ones. Removing the limitation of only sharing the bracelet with one other person. It also means if you fall in love with a design or the symbolism of a bracelet you can share that with anyone by purchasing two or more.


Our Picks For Personalised Matching Bracelets

 At Wanderlust Vibe Tribe we aim to give you the very best bracelets for you and your loved ones at an affordable price.

 1. Chakra Lava Rock Bracelets

This unique and stylish bracelet features the seven chakras and lava rock to allow you to apply your favourite essential oil to the bracelet. It’s a purposeful and meaningful bracelet that allows you to apply a drop or two of essential oil to the black lava beads. The scent will permeate from the beads and should last a day if not more.

 Chakra Lava Rock Bracelet

2. Wanderlust Earth Bracelet

Travel is something many people enjoy and this bracelet is the perfect way to capture that love. This bracelet has a simple yet classic design which makes it easy to layer but can also be worn by itself. Both inspirational and aspirational this is a great matching bracelet if you and your friends dream of travelling, exploring and becoming global citizens.

 Wanderlust Bracelet

3. Feather Pendant Beaded Bracelet

Nothing captures a free spirit like this artistic feather pendant beaded bracelet. This rustic bohemian style bracelet is an ideal way to capture the essence of your friend’s ambitions. And is a wonderful way to remain connected no matter how far you spread your wings.

 Feature Bracelet


The idea around purchasing matching bracelets is to solidify the bond you have with your friends and loved ones. The best part is that by choosing a specific style of bracelet you’re able to create a set of bracelets that hold a deeper meaning to you and your friend group. So, don’t settle for mundane or ordinary bracelets, instead browse our catalogue to find the perfect bracelet for you and that someone special or special people in your life.