5 Bohemian Jewelry Gift Ideas For Your Other Half

Valentine’s Day, Birthdays, Anniversaries, Christmas - the list of gift-giving days is endless, and there’s always this underlying thought that you have to outdo what you’ve bought the last time, otherwise you lose your title of thoughtful spouse or partner and all the benefits that title brings.

But, fear not! At Wanderlust Vibe Tribe we’ve got you covered. Our selection of bohemian jewellery should help you figure this gift out.

 1.Natural Turquoise Stone Bracelet

With a gorgeous owl pendant, this natural turquoise stone bracelet is an idyllic gift for any bohemian jewellery fanatic. Versatile yet unique this bracelet can be layered or worn alone and is a great cheeky gift for anyone who always knows better or likes to be “deep”.

Turquoise Bracelet

 2. 2 Piece Relationship Bracelet Set

Nothing says “I love you” more than gifting your partner a matching bracelet. These bracelets, in particular, are symbolic of the yin-yang elements you hold in each other’s life. Simplistic, traditional and classic - they’ll last forever!

Couples Bracelets

 3. Wanderlust Necklace - Enjoy the journey

This thoughtful gift is ready to be gifted. The package comes with an extraordinary message that should be perfect for any wanderluster. It also symbolizes enjoying the journey of being in a committed relationship with someone you love.

Wanderlust Necklace - Enjoy the Journey

 4. Essential Oils Pendant Necklace

Essential oils are a great way to lift your mood and improve your spirits, so why not give that gift to someone in this stylish essential oil pendant necklace. Including an absorbable sponge, this necklace can be customised based on your requirements or your partner’s needs. Why not pick up some essential oils from our store to complete the gift.

Essential Oils Diffuser Pendant

Discounted Essential Oils

 5. Peace Sign Flower Necklace

This quintessential hippie necklace is quite large. It’s a great gift for the avid hippie or flower child in your life. Not only does it include the classic peace sign it’s also beautifully adorned with tiny jewels and gemstones.

For the bohemian or hippie in your life, there's nothing better than giving them a gift that's representative of their personality. For that reason alone you can't go wrong with purchasing any item in the Wanderlust Vibe Tribe store.

Peace sign necklace